HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780270 and conserved domain: cd03237

>cd03237 ABC_RNaseL_inhibitor_domain2 The ATPase domain 2 of RNase L inhibitor. The ABC ATPase, RNase L inhibitor (RLI), is a key enzyme in ribosomal biogenesis, formation of translation preinitiation complexes, and assembly of HIV capsids. RLI's are not transport proteins and thus cluster with a group of soluble proteins that lack the transmembrane components commonly found in other members of the family. Structurally, RLI's have an N-terminal Fe-S domain and two nucleotide-binding domains which are arranged to form two composite active sites in their interface cleft. RLI is one of the most conserved enzymes between archaea and eukaryotes with a sequence identity of more than 48%. The high degree of evolutionary conservation suggests that RLI performs a central role in archaeal and eukaryotic physiology.
Probab=94.23  E-value=0.057  Score=33.76  Aligned_cols=30  Identities=23%  Similarity=0.515  Sum_probs=25.3

Q ss_conf             467359986056565027999999770882
Q gi|254780270|r  364 NKGLILCFVGPPGVGKTSLAQSIAKATGRQ  393 (820)
Q Consensus       364 ~~g~il~l~gppgvGKts~~~sia~al~r~  393 (820)
T Consensus        23 ~~GEiv~liGpNGaGKSTLlk~l~Gll~p~   52 (246)
T cd03237          23 SESEVIGILGPNGIGKTTFIKMLAGVLKPD   52 (246)
T ss_conf             579899999799976999999997787888