HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780470 and conserved domain: cd04466

>cd04466 S1_YloQ_GTPase S1_YloQ_GTPase: YloQ GTase family (also known as YjeQ and CpgA), S1-like RNA-binding domain. Proteins in the YloQ GTase family bind the ribosome and have GTPase activity. The precise role of this family is unknown. The protein structure is composed of three domains: an N-terminal S1 domain, a central GTPase domain, and a C-terminal zinc finger domain. This N-terminal S1 domain binds ssRNA. The central GTPase domain contains nucleotide-binding signature motifs: G1 (walker A), G3 (walker B) and G4 motifs. Experiments show that the bacterial YloQ and YjeQ proteins have low intrinsic GTPase activity. The C-terminal zinc-finger domain has structural similarity to a portion of the DNA-repair protein Rad51. This suggests a possible role for this GTPase as a regulator of translation, perhaps as a translation initiation factor. This family is classified based on the N-terminal S1 domain.
Probab=96.51  E-value=0.0076  Score=37.73  Aligned_cols=59  Identities=17%  Similarity=0.252  Sum_probs=45.0

Q ss_conf             97899981589817999816677653332335443334455554445555544555688289999125112016477029
Q Consensus         9 ~~G~V~E~LPna~FrV~L~~~d~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~f~~~g~~~g~~g~~~~s~~~~~~VlA~isGKmRk~~IRIl~G   88 (110)
T Consensus         1 m~G~Vi~~~g-~~y~V~~--------------------------------------~~g~~~~c~~RG~~r~~~~~~~vG   41 (68)
T cd04466           1 MEGLIIKAIG-GFYYVET--------------------------------------EDGKIYECRLRGKFRKDKNPPAVG   41 (68)
T ss_pred             CEEEEEEEEC-CEEEEEE--------------------------------------CCCCEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCC
T ss_conf             9799999999-9999993--------------------------------------999799999734791579998642

Q ss_pred             CEEEEEECCCCCCCCEEEEE
Q ss_conf             96999974675784359884
Q gi|254780470|r   89 DKVKVAMNPYDMTRARITYR  108 (110)
Q Consensus        89 DkV~Ve~SPYDLtkGRItyR  108 (110)
T Consensus        42 D~V~~~~~~--~~~g~I~~i   59 (68)
T cd04466          42 DRVEFEPED--DGEGVIEEI   59 (68)
T ss_pred             EEEEEEECC--CCEEEEEEE
T ss_conf             399999998--996999899