HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780477 and conserved domain: cd02966

>cd02966 TlpA_like_family TlpA-like family; composed of TlpA, ResA, DsbE and similar proteins. TlpA, ResA and DsbE are bacterial protein disulfide reductases with important roles in cytochrome maturation. They are membrane-anchored proteins with a soluble TRX domain containing a CXXC motif located in the periplasm. The TRX domains of this family contain an insert, approximately 25 residues in length, which correspond to an extra alpha helix and a beta strand when compared with TRX. TlpA catalyzes an essential reaction in the biogenesis of cytochrome aa3, while ResA and DsbE are essential proteins in cytochrome c maturation. Also included in this family are proteins containing a TlpA-like TRX domain with domain architectures similar to E. coli DipZ protein, and the N-terminal TRX domain of PilB protein from Neisseria which acts as a disulfide reductase that can recylce methionine sulfoxide reductases.
Probab=95.85  E-value=0.0075  Score=38.04  Aligned_cols=31  Identities=13%  Similarity=0.176  Sum_probs=23.7

Q ss_conf             8888999970588820644334211344320
Q gi|254780477|r   64 DAPVTMVEYASMTCFHCAEFHNKTFKYLEDK   94 (232)
Q Consensus        64 ~A~v~ivef~D~~Cp~C~~~~~~~~~~l~~~   94 (232)
T Consensus        18 ~gk~~vl~f~a~wC~~C~~~~~~l~~~~~~~   48 (116)
T cd02966          18 KGKVVLVNFWASWCPPCRAEMPELEALAKEY   48 (116)
T ss_conf             9995999999278997545364202330134