HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780477 and conserved domain: cd02976

>cd02976 NrdH NrdH-redoxin (NrdH) family; NrdH is a small monomeric protein with a conserved redox active CXXC motif within a TRX fold, characterized by a glutaredoxin (GRX)-like sequence and TRX-like activity profile. In vitro, it displays protein disulfide reductase activity that is dependent on TRX reductase, not glutathione (GSH). It is part of the NrdHIEF operon, where NrdEF codes for class Ib ribonucleotide reductase (RNR-Ib), an efficient enzyme at low oxygen levels. Under these conditions when GSH is mostly conjugated to spermidine, NrdH can still function and act as a hydrogen donor for RNR-Ib. It has been suggested that the NrdHEF system may be the oldest RNR reducing system, capable of functioning in a microaerophilic environment, where GSH was not yet available. NrdH from Corynebacterium ammoniagenes can form domain-swapped dimers, although it is unknown if this happens in vivo. Domain-swapped dimerization, which results in the blocking of the TRX reductase binding site, cou
Probab=90.32  E-value=0.6  Score=26.02  Aligned_cols=30  Identities=20%  Similarity=0.307  Sum_probs=22.9

Q ss_conf             8618853657998989961899999999999
Q gi|254780477|r  192 EDFAIDSTPVFFIGGNLYLGDMSEGVFSKII  222 (232)
Q Consensus       192 ~~~gi~gTPt~~VnG~~~~g~~~~~~~~~~i  222 (232)
T Consensus        44 ~~~g~~~vP~i~i~~~~i~G-f~~~~l~~~l   73 (73)
T cd02976          44 KLNGYRSVPVVVIGDEHLSG-FRPDKLRALL   73 (73)
T ss_conf             86599961889999999938-7999999649