HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780477 and conserved domain: cd02985

>cd02985 TRX_CDSP32 TRX family, chloroplastic drought-induced stress protein of 32 kD (CDSP32); CDSP32 is composed of two TRX domains, a C-terminal TRX domain which contains a redox active CXXC motif and an N-terminal TRX-like domain which contains an SXXS sequence instead of the redox active motif. CDSP32 is a stress-inducible TRX, i.e., it acts as a TRX by reducing protein disulfides and is induced by environmental and oxidative stress conditions. It plays a critical role in plastid defense against oxidative damage, a role related to its function as a physiological electron donor to BAS1, a plastidic 2-cys peroxiredoxin. Plants lacking CDSP32 exhibit decreased photosystem II photochemical efficiencies and chlorophyll retention compared to WT controls, as well as an increased proportion of BAS1 in its overoxidized monomeric form.
Probab=91.05  E-value=0.48  Score=26.60  Aligned_cols=31  Identities=10%  Similarity=0.071  Sum_probs=24.0

Q ss_conf             9888899997058882064433421134432
Q gi|254780477|r   63 KDAPVTMVEYASMTCFHCAEFHNKTFKYLED   93 (232)
Q Consensus        63 ~~A~v~ivef~D~~Cp~C~~~~~~~~~~l~~   93 (232)
T Consensus        13 a~~kLVVvdF~A~WCgPCk~i~P~~e~La~~   43 (103)
T cd02985          13 AKGRLVVLEFALKHSGPSVKIYPTMVKLSRT   43 (103)
T ss_conf             7998899999899897777630899999977