HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780477 and conserved domain: cd03010

>cd03010 TlpA_like_DsbE TlpA-like family, DsbE (also known as CcmG and CycY) subfamily; DsbE is a membrane-anchored, periplasmic TRX-like reductase containing a CXXC motif that specifically donates reducing equivalents to apocytochrome c via CcmH, another cytochrome c maturation (Ccm) factor with a redox active CXXC motif. Assembly of cytochrome c requires the ligation of heme to reduced thiols of the apocytochrome. In bacteria, this assembly occurs in the periplasm. The reductase activity of DsbE in the oxidizing environment of the periplasm is crucial in the maturation of cytochrome c.
Probab=93.84  E-value=0.15  Score=29.77  Aligned_cols=27  Identities=15%  Similarity=0.196  Sum_probs=21.5

Q ss_conf             888899997058882064433421134
Q gi|254780477|r   64 DAPVTMVEYASMTCFHCAEFHNKTFKY   90 (232)
Q Consensus        64 ~A~v~ivef~D~~Cp~C~~~~~~~~~~   90 (232)
T Consensus        24 kGk~vvl~FWAtWC~pC~~e~P~l~~l   50 (127)
T cd03010          24 KGKPYLLNVWASWCAPCREEHPVLMAL   50 (127)
T ss_conf             999899999989586688868107888