RPS-BLAST 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Database: CddA 
           21,609 sequences; 6,263,737 total letters


Query= gi|254780513|ref|YP_003064926.1| hypothetical protein
CLIBASIA_02000 [Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus str. psy62]
         (66 letters)

>gnl|CDD|111344 pfam02438, Adeno_100, Late 100kD protein.  The late 100kD protein
           is a non-structural viral protein involved in the
           transport of hexon from the cytoplasm to the nucleus.
          Length = 583

 Score = 25.0 bits (55), Expect = 4.5
 Identities = 10/35 (28%), Positives = 19/35 (54%), Gaps = 1/35 (2%)

           L+E N KE K  L  +++   T  S+  +A+++  

>gnl|CDD|173652 cd05100, PTKc_FGFR3, Catalytic domain of the Protein Tyrosine
           Kinase, Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3.  Protein
           Tyrosine Kinase (PTK) family; Fibroblast Growth Factor
           Receptor 3 (FGFR3); catalytic (c) domain. The PTKc
           family is part of a larger superfamily that includes the
           catalytic domains of other kinases such as protein
           serine/threonine kinases, RIO kinases, and
           phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K). PTKs catalyze the
           transfer of the gamma-phosphoryl group from ATP to
           tyrosine (tyr) residues in protein substrates. FGFR3 is
           part of the FGFR subfamily, which are receptor tyr
           kinases (RTKs) containing an extracellular
           ligand-binding region with three immunoglobulin-like
           domains, a transmembrane segment, and an intracellular
           catalytic domain. The binding of FGFRs to their ligands,
           the FGFs, results in receptor dimerization and
           activation, and intracellular signaling. The binding of
           FGFs to FGFRs is promiscuous, in that a receptor may be
           activated by several ligands and a ligand may bind to
           more that one type of receptor. Many FGFR3 splice
           variants have been reported with the IIIb and IIIc
           isoforms being the predominant forms. FGFR3 IIIc is the
           isoform expressed in chondrocytes, the cells affected in
           dwarfism, while IIIb is expressed in epithelial cells.
           FGFR3 ligands include FGF1, FGF2, FGF4, FGF8, FGF9, and
           FGF23. It is a negative regulator of long bone growth.
           In the cochlear duct and in the lens, FGFR3 is involved
           in differentiation while it appears to have a role in
           cell proliferation in epithelial cells. Germline
           mutations in FGFR3 are associated with skeletal
           disorders including several forms of dwarfism. Some
           missense mutations are associated with multiple myeloma
           and carcinomas of the bladder and cervix. Overexpression
           of FGFR3 is found in thyroid carcinoma.
          Length = 334

 Score = 24.2 bits (52), Expect = 8.5
 Identities = 12/39 (30%), Positives = 19/39 (48%)

           H  PS+    K + +  DR+ +      +L LSV FE +

>gnl|CDD|29516 cd01195, INT_Tn544B_C, Tn544B and related transposases, DNA
          breaking-rejoining enzymes, integrase/recombinases,
          catalytic domain. This CD includes various bacterial
          transposases similar to TnpB from transposon Tn554..
          Length = 195

 Score = 23.8 bits (51), Expect = 9.5
 Identities = 15/50 (30%), Positives = 20/50 (40%), Gaps = 5/50 (10%)

          L E    +F      C  K   K+HI P    VA  IK  ED+ +    +

  Database: CddA
    Posted date:  Feb 4, 2011  9:38 PM
  Number of letters in database: 6,263,737
  Number of sequences in database:  21,609
Lambda     K      H
   0.321    0.136    0.377 

Lambda     K      H
   0.267   0.0634    0.140 

Matrix: BLOSUM62
Gap Penalties: Existence: 11, Extension: 1
Number of Sequences: 21609
Number of Hits to DB: 735,808
Number of extensions: 28069
Number of successful extensions: 82
Number of sequences better than 10.0: 1
Number of HSP's gapped: 82
Number of HSP's successfully gapped: 10
Length of query: 66
Length of database: 6,263,737
Length adjustment: 37
Effective length of query: 29
Effective length of database: 5,464,204
Effective search space: 158461916
Effective search space used: 158461916
Neighboring words threshold: 11
Window for multiple hits: 40
X1: 16 ( 7.4 bits)
X2: 38 (14.6 bits)
X3: 64 (24.7 bits)
S1: 41 (21.9 bits)
S2: 51 (23.6 bits)