HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780549 and conserved domain: TIGR01352

>TIGR01352 tonB_Cterm TonB family C-terminal domain; InterPro: IPR006260 The sequences in this set all contain a conserved C-terminal domain which is characteristic of TonB and is homologs. TonB is an energy-transducer for TonB-dependent receptors of Gram-negative bacteria . Most members are designated as TonB or TonB-related proteins, but a few represent the paralogous TolA protein. Several bacteria have up to four TonB paralogs. In nearly every case, a proline-rich repetitive region is found N-terminal to this domain; these low-complexity regions are highly divergent and cannot readily be aligned. The region is suggested to span the periplasm. Iron is essential for growth in both bacteria and mammals. Controlling the amount of free iron in solution is often used as a tactic by hosts to limit invasion of pathogenic microbes; binding iron tightly within protein molecules can accomplish this. Some bacteria express surface receptors to capture eukaryotic iron-binding compounds, while others have evolved siderophores to scavenge iron from iron-binding host proteins . The absence of free iron molecules in the surrounding environment triggers transcription of gene clusters that encode both siderophore-synthesis ezymes, and receptors that recognise iron-bound siderophores . An example of the latter is Escherichia coli fepA, which resides in the outer envelope and captures iron-bound enterobactin . To complete transport of bound iron across the inner membrane, a second receptor complex is needed. The major component of this is tonB, a 27kDa protein that facilitates energy transfer from the proton motive force to outer receptors. B-12 and colicin receptors also make use of the tonB system to drive active transport at the outer membrane. ; GO: 0008565 protein transporter activity, 0015031 protein transport, 0016020 membrane, 0030288 outer membrane-bounded periplasmic space.
Probab=98.93  E-value=3.2e-09  Score=71.79  Aligned_cols=74  Identities=22%  Similarity=0.209  Sum_probs=61.4

Q ss_conf             5465655537-529999999879981853356405888605899999999999997188988846-----7761222899
Q Consensus       191 ~~p~~~~~~~-~~~v~v~i~l~~~G~v~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a~rAi~~~~p~~~p~~-----~y~~~~~~~~  264 (271)
T Consensus         2 ~YP~~a~~~~~~G~V~v~~~v~~~G~v~~~~v~~Ssg~-----~~lD~~Al~a~~~~~~~P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~p~   76 (81)
T ss_conf             75447881798656899998689983557888305798-----7887999999985002688878888872453688887

Q ss_pred             EECHH
Q ss_conf             74440
Q gi|254780549|r  265 FFVPS  269 (271)
Q Consensus       265 ~F~p~  269 (271)
T Consensus        77 ~F~~~   81 (81)
T TIGR01352        77 RFKLN   81 (81)
T ss_pred             EEECC
T ss_conf             87419