HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780567 and conserved domain: cd03221

>cd03221 ABCF_EF-3 ABCF_EF-3 Elongation factor 3 (EF-3) is a cytosolic protein required by fungal ribosomes for in vitro protein synthesis and for in vivo growth. EF-3 stimulates the binding of the EF-1: GTP: aa-tRNA ternary complex to the ribosomal A site by facilitated release of the deacylated tRNA from the E site. The reaction requires ATP hydrolysis. EF-3 contains two ATP nucleotide binding sequence (NBS) motifs. NBSI is sufficient for the intrinsic ATPase activity. NBSII is essential for the ribosome-stimulated functions.
Probab=95.31  E-value=0.018  Score=35.07  Aligned_cols=27  Identities=33%  Similarity=0.480  Sum_probs=23.0

Q ss_conf             678849998787778688999999862
Q gi|254780567|r   62 WPSRVVILVGPSGSGKSCLANIWSDKS   88 (246)
Q Consensus        62 ~~~~~l~i~G~~GsGKTHLl~a~~~~~   88 (246)
T Consensus        24 ~~ge~~~l~G~NGsGKTTl~~~l~G~~   50 (144)
T cd03221          24 NPGDRIGLVGRNGAGKSTLLKLIAGEL   50 (144)
T ss_conf             799999999899984999999984898