HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780567 and conserved domain: cd03249

>cd03249 ABC_MTABC3_MDL1_MDL2 MTABC3 (also known as ABCB6) is a mitochondrial ATP-binding cassette protein involved in iron homeostasis and one of four ABC transporters expressed in the mitochondrial inner membrane, the other three being MDL1(ABC7), MDL2, and ATM1. In fact, the yeast MDL1 (multidrug resistance-like protein 1) and MDL2 (multidrug resistance-like protein 2) transporters are also included in this CD. MDL1 is an ATP-dependent permease that acts as a high-copy suppressor of ATM1 and is thought to have a role in resistance to oxidative stress. Interestingly, subfamily B is more closely related to the carboxyl-terminal component of subfamily C than the two halves of ABCC molecules are with one another.
Probab=95.47  E-value=0.015  Score=35.50  Aligned_cols=27  Identities=37%  Similarity=0.528  Sum_probs=23.1

Q ss_conf             678849998787778688999999862
Q gi|254780567|r   62 WPSRVVILVGPSGSGKSCLANIWSDKS   88 (246)
Q Consensus        62 ~~~~~l~i~G~~GsGKTHLl~a~~~~~   88 (246)
T Consensus        27 ~~G~~iaIvG~sGsGKSTLl~ll~gl~   53 (238)
T cd03249          27 PPGKTVALVGSSGCGKSTVVSLLERFY   53 (238)
T ss_conf             699999999999998999999982386