HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780606 and conserved domain: cd01882

>cd01882 BMS1 Bms1. Bms1 is an essential, evolutionarily conserved, nucleolar protein. Its depletion interferes with processing of the 35S pre-rRNA at sites A0, A1, and A2, and the formation of 40S subunits. Bms1, the putative endonuclease Rc11, and the essential U3 small nucleolar RNA form a stable subcomplex that is believed to control an early step in the formation of the 40S subumit. The C-terminal domain of Bms1 contains a GTPase-activating protein (GAP) that functions intramolecularly. It is believed that Rc11 activates Bms1 by acting as a guanine-nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) to promote GDP/GTP exchange, and that activated (GTP-bound) Bms1 delivers Rc11 to the preribosomes.
Probab=94.15  E-value=0.36  Score=27.03  Aligned_cols=27  Identities=26%  Similarity=0.535  Sum_probs=19.3

Q ss_conf             1484--69970787534479999999999
Q gi|254780606|r  411 NMPH--ILVAGTTGSGKSVAINTMIMSLL  437 (744)
Q Consensus       411 ~~PH--~lvaG~TgsGKS~~l~~~i~sl~  437 (744)
T Consensus        36 epPP~vVavvGPpgvGKtTLiksLvk~yt   64 (225)
T cd01882          36 EPPPLVVAVVGPPGVGKTTLIKSLVKNYT   64 (225)
T ss_conf             99996999989899778899999999985