HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780619 and conserved domain: cd01409

>cd01409 SIRT4 SIRT4: Eukaryotic and prokaryotic group (class2) which includes human sirtuin SIRT4 and several bacterial homologs; and are members of the SIR2 family of proteins, silent information regulator 2 (Sir2) enzymes which catalyze NAD+-dependent protein/histone deacetylation. Sir2 proteins have been shown to regulate gene silencing, DNA repair, metabolic enzymes, and life span.
Probab=90.71  E-value=0.34  Score=28.20  Aligned_cols=17  Identities=29%  Similarity=0.575  Sum_probs=11.9

Q ss_pred             CCEEHHCCCCCCCCCCC
Q ss_conf             20000002356543431
Q gi|254780619|r  431 RGYAPLTLCQVCGNRLK  447 (731)
Q Consensus       431 rGya~~~~C~~Cg~~~~  447 (731)
T Consensus       113 HGsl~~~~C~~C~~~~~  129 (260)
T cd01409         113 HGSLHRVVCLSCGFRTP  129 (260)
T ss_pred             ECCCCEEEECCCCCCCC
T ss_conf             42548558189989576