HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780674 and conserved domain: cd06255

>cd06255 M14_ASTE_ASPA_like_5 A functionally uncharacterized subgroup of the Succinylglutamate desuccinylase (ASTE)/aspartoacylase (ASPA) subfamily which is part of the M14 family of metallocarboxypeptidases. ASTE catalyzes the fifth and last step in arginine catabolism by the arginine succinyltransferase pathway, and aspartoacylase (ASPA, also known as aminoacylase 2, and ACY-2; EC: cleaves N-acetyl L-aspartic acid (NAA) into aspartate and acetate. NAA is abundant in the brain, and hydrolysis of NAA by ASPA may help maintain white matter. ASPA is an NAA scavenger in other tissues. Mutations in the gene encoding ASPA cause Canavan disease (CD), a fatal progressive neurodegenerative disorder involving dysmyelination and spongiform degeneration of white matter in children. This enzyme binds zinc which is necessary for activity. Measurement of elevated NAA levels in urine is used in the diagnosis of CD.
Probab=91.86  E-value=0.67  Score=25.75  Aligned_cols=17  Identities=24%  Similarity=0.458  Sum_probs=7.7

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHCCCCCCCCCC
Q ss_conf             00001101234433222
Q gi|254780674|r  134 GIDLSSLSGSGPHGRIV  150 (423)
Q Consensus       134 giDl~~V~GTG~~GRIt  150 (423)
T Consensus        82 ~~nlNR~FPG~~~Gs~t   98 (293)
T cd06255          82 ELDLNRTFPGNPNGMVT   98 (293)
T ss_pred             CCCHHHCCCCCCCCCHH
T ss_conf             98664339999999999