HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780724 and conserved domain: cd03240

>cd03240 ABC_Rad50 The catalytic domains of Rad50 are similar to the ATP-binding cassette of ABC transporters, but are not associated with membrane-spanning domains. The conserved ATP-binding motifs common to Rad50 and the ABC transporter family include the Walker A and Walker B motifs, the Q loop, a histidine residue in the switch region, a D-loop, and a conserved LSGG sequence. This conserved sequence, LSGG, is the most specific and characteristic motif of this family and is thus known as the ABC signature sequence.
Probab=96.35  E-value=0.0038  Score=40.57  Aligned_cols=28  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.466  Sum_probs=22.8

Q ss_conf             5884899818888888999999830387
Q gi|254780724|r  249 IRCNVLISGGTGSGKTTLLNCLTRYIDK  276 (483)
Q Consensus       249 ~~~nilVsG~TGSGKTT~L~al~~~i~~  276 (483)
T Consensus        21 ~~~itaivG~NGaGKSTLl~~i~~~l~g   48 (204)
T cd03240          21 FSPLTLIVGQNGAGKTTIIEALKYALTG   48 (204)
T ss_conf             0888999989999999999998630477