HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780724 and conserved domain: cd04163

>cd04163 Era Era subfamily. Era (E. coli Ras-like protein) is a multifunctional GTPase found in all bacteria except some eubacteria. It binds to the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) of the 30S subunit and appears to play a role in the assembly of the 30S subunit, possibly by chaperoning the 16S rRNA. It also contacts several assembly elements of the 30S subunit. Era couples cell growth with cytokinesis and plays a role in cell division and energy metabolism. Homologs have also been found in eukaryotes. Era contains two domains: the N-terminal GTPase domain and a C-terminal domain KH domain that is critical for RNA binding. Both domains are important for Era function. Era is functionally able to compensate for deletion of RbfA, a cold-shock adaptation protein that is required for efficient processing of the 16S rRNA.
Probab=95.83  E-value=0.057  Score=32.40  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=43%  Similarity=0.473  Sum_probs=20.7

Q ss_conf             84899818888888999999830
Q gi|254780724|r  251 CNVLISGGTGSGKTTLLNCLTRY  273 (483)
Q Consensus       251 ~nilVsG~TGSGKTT~L~al~~~  273 (483)
T Consensus         4 ~~V~ivG~pN~GKSsL~N~L~~~   26 (168)
T cd04163           4 GFVAIVGRPNVGKSTLLNALVGQ   26 (168)
T ss_conf             68999999999999999999589