HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780724 and conserved domain: pfam00735

>pfam00735 Septin Septin. Members of this family include CDC3, CDC10, CDC11 and CDC12/Septin. Members of this family bind GTP. As regards the septins, these are polypeptides of 30-65kDa with three characteristic GTPase motifs (G-1, G-3 and G-4) that are similar to those of the Ras family. The G-4 motif is strictly conserved with a unique septin consensus of AKAD. Most septins are thought to have at least one coiled-coil region, which in some cases is necessary for intermolecular interactions that allow septins to polymerize to form rod-shaped complexes. In turn, these are arranged into tandem arrays to form filaments. They are multifunctional proteins, with roles in cytokinesis, sporulation, germ cell development, exocytosis and apoptosis.
Probab=97.01  E-value=0.00049  Score=46.82  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=38%  Similarity=0.563  Sum_probs=21.5

Q ss_conf             884899818888888999999830
Q gi|254780724|r  250 RCNVLISGGTGSGKTTLLNCLTRY  273 (483)
Q Consensus       250 ~~nilVsG~TGSGKTT~L~al~~~  273 (483)
T Consensus         4 ~fnimvvG~sGlGKTTfiNtL~~~   27 (280)
T pfam00735         4 DFTLMVVGESGLGKTTLINTLFLT   27 (280)
T ss_conf             789999779999789999998578