HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780724 and conserved domain: pfam10412

>pfam10412 TrwB_AAD_bind Type IV secretion-system coupling protein DNA-binding domain. The plasmid conjugative coupling protein TrwB forms hexamers from six structurally very similar protomers. This hexamer contains a central channel running from the cytosolic pole (made up by the AADs) to the membrane pole ending at the transmembrane pore shaped by 12 transmembrane helices, rendering an overall mushroom-like structure. The TrwB_AAD (all-alpha domain) domain appears to be the DNA-binding domain of the structure. TrwB, a basic integral inner-membrane nucleoside-triphosphate-binding protein, is the structural prototype for the type IV secretion system coupling proteins, a family of proteins essential for macromolecular transport between cells and export.
Probab=96.26  E-value=0.0049  Score=39.81  Aligned_cols=10  Identities=20%  Similarity=0.222  Sum_probs=5.6

Q ss_pred             CEEEECCCCC
Q ss_conf             8899657587
Q gi|254780724|r  327 ERIILGEVRG  336 (483)
Q Consensus       327 D~IiVGEiRg  336 (483)
T Consensus       245 v~~~lDEf~~  254 (386)
T pfam10412       245 LWFFLDELPS  254 (386)
T ss_pred             EEEEEECHHH
T ss_conf             4999987110