HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780758 and conserved domain: TIGR01393

>TIGR01393 lepA GTP-binding protein LepA; InterPro: IPR006297 LepA (GUF1 in Saccaromyces) is a GTP-binding membrane protein related to EF-G and EF-Tu. Two types of phylogenetic tree, rooted by other GTP-binding proteins, suggest that eukaryotic homologs (including GUF1 of yeast) originated within the bacterial LepA family. The function of the proteins in this family are unknown. ; GO: 0005525 GTP binding.
Probab=93.55  E-value=0.3  Score=27.08  Aligned_cols=22  Identities=27%  Similarity=0.471  Sum_probs=14.6

Q ss_conf             989999999999998519997899
Q gi|254780758|r  169 HGDYQQLINSINNKILPLGDEISF  192 (216)
Q Consensus       169 ~~d~~~~~~sl~~~l~~l~~~~~v  192 (216)
T Consensus       306 ~~~Ye~LrdAL-eKL-~LNDAsL~  327 (598)
T TIGR01393       306 TEDYEDLRDAL-EKL-KLNDASLT  327 (598)
T ss_pred             CHHHHHHHHHH-HHH-HHHHHHHH
T ss_conf             03468999997-555-44025421