HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780766 and conserved domain: cd03298

>cd03298 ABC_ThiQ_thiamine_transporter ABC-type thiamine tranport system; part of the binding-protein-dependent transport system tbpA-thiPQ for thiamine and TPP. Probably responsible for the translocation of thiamine across the membrane. ABC transporters are a large family of proteins involved in the transport of a wide variety of different compounds, like sugars, ions, peptides, and more complex organic molecules. The nucleotide binding domain shows the highest similarity between all members of the family. ABC transporters are a subset of nucleotide hydrolases that contain a signature motif, Q-loop, and H-loop/switch region, in addition to, the Walker A motif/P-loop and Walker B motif commonly found in a number of ATP- and GTP-binding and hydrolyzing proteins.
Probab=97.15  E-value=0.00047  Score=45.64  Aligned_cols=29  Identities=34%  Similarity=0.526  Sum_probs=22.8

Q ss_conf             36732798-799986899864448999999
Q gi|254780766|r   21 LRLVFDAQ-HTIFVGDNGVGKTNILEAISF   49 (375)
Q Consensus        21 ~~i~f~~~-~n~i~G~NG~GKT~iLEAI~~   49 (375)
T Consensus        17 i~l~i~~Ge~~~ilGpSGsGKSTLl~li~G   46 (211)
T cd03298          17 FDLTFAQGEITAIVGPSGSGKSTLLNLIAG   46 (211)
T ss_conf             788988998999999999559999999976