HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780771 and conserved domain: cd00208

>cd00208 LbetaH Left-handed parallel beta-Helix (LbetaH or LbH) domain: The alignment contains 5 turns, each containing three imperfect tandem repeats of a hexapeptide repeat motif (X-[STAV]-X-[LIV]-[GAED]-X). Proteins containing hexapeptide repeats are often enzymes showing acyltransferase activity, however, some subfamilies in this hierarchy also show activities related to ion transport or translation initiation. Many are trimeric in their active forms.
Probab=99.24  E-value=2e-12  Score=86.23  Aligned_cols=17  Identities=59%  Similarity=0.804  Sum_probs=12.1

Q ss_pred             CCEECCCCCCCCCCCCC
Q ss_conf             20000244445444433
Q gi|254780771|r  218 RVIIQDKVEIGANSAID  234 (347)
Q Consensus       218 ~v~Ig~~v~IG~n~tId  234 (347)
T Consensus        44 ~~~Ig~~v~Ig~~a~I~   60 (78)
T cd00208          44 PTIIGDNVEIGANAVIH   60 (78)
T ss_pred             CCEECCCEEECCCCEEE
T ss_conf             98999996998689897