HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780771 and conserved domain: cd03354

>cd03354 LbH_SAT Serine acetyltransferase (SAT): SAT catalyzes the CoA-dependent acetylation of the side chain hydroxyl group of L-serine to form O-acetylserine, as the first step of a two-step biosynthetic pathway in bacteria and plants leading to the formation of L-cysteine. This reaction represents a key metabolic point of regulation for the cysteine biosynthetic pathway due to its feedback inhibition by cysteine. The enzyme is a 175 kDa homohexamer, composed of a dimer of homotrimers. Each subunit contains an N-terminal alpha helical region and a C-terminal left-handed beta-helix (LbH) subdomain with 5 turns, each containing a hexapeptide repeat motif characteristic of the acyltransferase superfamily of enzymes. The trimer interface mainly involves the C-terminal LbH subdomain while the dimer (of trimers) interface is mediated by the N-terminal alpha helical subdomain.
Probab=99.22  E-value=4.3e-12  Score=84.41  Aligned_cols=16  Identities=44%  Similarity=0.549  Sum_probs=9.0

Q ss_pred             CCEECCCCCCCCCCCC
Q ss_conf             2000024444544443
Q gi|254780771|r  218 RVIIQDKVEIGANSAI  233 (347)
Q Consensus       218 ~v~Ig~~v~IG~n~tI  233 (347)
T Consensus        54 ~~~Ig~~v~IG~~~~I   69 (101)
T cd03354          54 HPTIGDNVVIGAGAKI   69 (101)
T ss_pred             CCCCCCCEEECCCCEE
T ss_conf             7614875863589889