RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780771 and conserved domain: cd04645

>gnl|CDD|100051 cd04645, LbH_gamma_CA_like, Gamma carbonic anhydrase-like: This family is composed of gamma carbonic anhydrase (CA), Ferripyochelin Binding Protein (FBP), E. coli paaY protein, and similar proteins. CAs are zinc-containing enzymes that catalyze the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide in a two-step mechanism, involving the nucleophilic attack of a zinc-bound hydroxide ion on carbon dioxide, followed by the regeneration of the active site by ionization of the zinc-bound water molecule and removal of a proton from the active site. They are ubiquitous enzymes involved in fundamental processes like photosynthesis, respiration, pH homeostasis and ion transport. There are three evolutionary distinct groups - alpha, beta and gamma carbonic anhydrases - which show no significant sequence identity or structural similarity. Gamma CAs are trimeric enzymes with left-handed parallel beta helix (LbH) structural domain.. Length = 153
 Score = 46.6 bits (112), Expect = 9e-06
 Identities = 18/52 (34%), Positives = 26/52 (50%), Gaps = 1/52 (1%)

           G    I D V +   AV++ G  IG    +G G++I  G  IG+   + AGS