RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780771 and conserved domain: cd04652

>gnl|CDD|100057 cd04652, LbH_eIF2B_gamma_C, eIF-2B gamma subunit, C-terminal Left-handed parallel beta-Helix (LbH) domain: eIF-2B is a eukaryotic translation initiator, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) composed of five different subunits (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon). eIF2B is important for regenerating GTP-bound eIF2 during the initiation process. This event is obligatory for eIF2 to bind initiator methionyl-tRNA, forming the ternary initiation complex. The eIF-2B gamma subunit contains an N-terminal domain that resembles a dinucleotide-binding Rossmann fold and a C-terminal LbH domain with 4 turns, each containing three imperfect tandem repeats of a hexapeptide repeat motif (X-[STAV]-X-[LIV]-[GAED]-X). The epsilon and gamma subunits form the catalytic subcomplex of eIF-2B, which binds eIF2 and catalyzes guanine nucleotide exchange.. Length = 81
 Score = 37.9 bits (89), Expect = 0.004
 Identities = 25/71 (35%), Positives = 35/71 (49%), Gaps = 4/71 (5%)

           ++GENT++  +  I  +V IG  C I  +V I     I DNV I   C +   + IG+  

Query: 302 QIASKSGVLKD 312
            I  K   LKD
Sbjct: 58  VIGEKC-KLKD 67