HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780781 and conserved domain: cd03349

>cd03349 LbH_XAT Xenobiotic acyltransferase (XAT): The XAT class of hexapeptide acyltransferases is composed of a large number of microbial enzymes that catalyze the CoA-dependent acetylation of a variety of hydroxyl-bearing acceptors such as chloramphenicol and streptogramin, among others. Members of this class of enzymes include Enterococcus faecium streptogramin A acetyltransferase and Pseudomonas aeruginosa chloramphenicol acetyltransferase. They contain repeated copies of a six-residue hexapeptide repeat sequence motif (X-[STAV]-X-[LIV]-[GAED]-X) and adopt a left-handed parallel beta helix (LbH) structure. The active enzyme is a trimer with CoA and substrate binding sites at the interface of two separate LbH subunits. XATs are implicated in inactivating xenobiotics leading to xenobiotic resistance in patients.
Probab=99.71  E-value=5.2e-17  Score=124.73  Aligned_cols=65  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.590  Sum_probs=52.5

Q ss_conf             65644872584782185784688845885663004652783368715881464454998789605644556776657764
Q Consensus       178 ~a~pviIeD~v~IGa~s~I~~Gv~Ig~gavIgaG~vit~st~i~d~~~~~~~~g~vP~~~vvvpg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  257 (285)
T Consensus        70 ~~~~i~Ig~~vwIG~n~~Il~GV~IG~gavIgAgSvVtk---------------dvp~~~i~~--G~-------------  119 (145)
T cd03349          70 SKGDVIIGNDVWIGHGATILPGVTIGDGAVIAAGAVVTK---------------DVPPYAIVG--GN-------------  119 (145)
T ss_pred             CCCCEEECCCEEECCCCEEECCCEECCCCEEECCCEECC---------------CCCCCCEEE--EE-------------
T ss_conf             169979889969999888958809678868928978970---------------469994998--33-------------

Q ss_pred             CCCCEEEEEC-CHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             4672798961-2024668
Q gi|254780781|r  258 LYCAVIIKKV-DEKTRSK  274 (285)
Q Consensus       258 ~~cavi~~~~-d~~t~~k  274 (285)
T Consensus       120 --PAk~ik~Rf~~~~~~~  135 (145)
T cd03349         120 --PAKVIRYRFDEETIER  135 (145)
T ss_pred             --CCEEEECCCCHHHHHH
T ss_conf             --8878815599999999