HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780822 and conserved domain: cd02972

>cd02972 DsbA_family DsbA family; consists of DsbA and DsbA-like proteins, including DsbC, DsbG, glutathione (GSH) S-transferase kappa (GSTK), 2-hydroxychromene-2-carboxylate (HCCA) isomerase, an oxidoreductase (FrnE) presumed to be involved in frenolicin biosynthesis, a 27-kDa outer membrane protein, and similar proteins. Members of this family contain a redox active CXXC motif (except GSTK and HCCA isomerase) imbedded in a TRX fold, and an alpha helical insert of about 75 residues (shorter in DsbC and DsbG) relative to TRX. DsbA is involved in the oxidative protein folding pathway in prokaryotes, catalyzing disulfide bond formation of proteins secreted into the bacterial periplasm. DsbC and DsbG function as protein disulfide isomerases and chaperones to correct non-native disulfide bonds formed by DsbA and prevent aggregation of incorrectly folded proteins.
Probab=96.26  E-value=0.0062  Score=38.03  Aligned_cols=58  Identities=14%  Similarity=0.394  Sum_probs=40.6

Q ss_pred             EEEEECCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCCCCCC----C----------------------------CCHHHHHHHC
Q ss_conf             9998769970222134666654210001233322672----3----------------------------2657777623
Q gi|254780822|r   23 VVDFWASWCRPCVKLSPIIDDIADELADKVKITKLDI----E----------------------------ESSEISTRYQ   70 (107)
Q Consensus        23 lv~f~a~wC~~C~~~~p~~~~l~~~~~~~i~~~~vd~----d----------------------------~~~~l~~~~~   70 (107)
T Consensus         1 i~~f~D~~Cp~C~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~v~v~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~g   80 (98)
T ss_conf             97998999870898999999999865886799998477477667038999999999876582999999998389999819

Q ss_pred             CCCCCEEEEE
Q ss_conf             1568879999
Q gi|254780822|r   71 ISSIPTLILF   80 (107)
Q Consensus        71 v~~~Pt~~~~   80 (107)
T Consensus        81 i~gtPt~vv~   90 (98)
T cd02972          81 VTGTPTFVVN   90 (98)
T ss_pred             CCCCCEEEEC
T ss_conf             8889848899