RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780822 and conserved domain: cd02948

>gnl|CDD|48497 cd02948, TRX_NDPK, TRX domain, TRX and NDP-kinase (NDPK) fusion protein family; most members of this group are fusion proteins which contain one redox active TRX domain containing a CXXC motif and three NDPK domains, and are characterized as intermediate chains (ICs) of axonemal outer arm dynein. Dyneins are molecular motors that generate force against microtubules to produce cellular movement, and are divided into two classes: axonemal and cytoplasmic. They are supramolecular complexes consisting of three protein groups classified according to size: dynein heavy, intermediate and light chains. Axonemal dyneins form two structures, the inner and outer arms, which are attached to doublet microtubules throughout the cilia and flagella. The human homolog is the sperm-specific Sptrx-2, presumed to be a component of the human sperm axoneme architecture. Included in this group is another human protein, TRX-like protein 2, a smaller fusion protein containing one TRX and one NDPK domain, which is also associated with microtubular structures. The other members of this group are hypothetical insect proteins containing a TRX domain and outer arm dynein light chains (14 and 16kDa) of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Using standard assays, the fusion proteins have shown no TRX enzymatic activity.. Length = 102
 Score = 39.1 bits (91), Expect = 3e-04
 Identities = 20/69 (28%), Positives = 34/69 (49%), Gaps = 4/69 (5%)

          VVD +  WC PC  +  +   I +EL D   +      E+  I T  RY+    PT + +

Query: 81 KDGKVIDRM 89
          K+G+++  +
Sbjct: 79 KNGELVAVI 87