HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780824 and conserved domain: cd03217

>cd03217 ABC_FeS_Assembly ABC-type transport system involved in Fe-S cluster assembly, ATPase component. Biosynthesis of iron-sulfur clusters (Fe-S) depends on multiprotein systems. The SUF system of E. coli and Erwinia chrysanthemi is important for Fe-S biogenesis under stressful conditions. The SUF system is made of six proteins: SufC is an atypical cytoplasmic ABC-ATPase, which forms a complex with SufB and SufD; SufA plays the role of a scaffold protein for assembly of iron-sulfur clusters and delivery to target proteins; SufS is a cysteine desulfurase which mobilizes the sulfur atom from cysteine and provides it to the cluster; SufE has no associated function yet.
Probab=95.71  E-value=0.011  Score=36.92  Aligned_cols=29  Identities=38%  Similarity=0.562  Sum_probs=25.5

Q ss_conf             84589969999878786889999999976
Q gi|254780824|r   28 SILRLGDCLTLSGDLGSGKSFLARSIIRF   56 (162)
Q Consensus        28 ~~l~~g~ii~L~GdLGaGKTtfvr~i~~~   56 (162)
T Consensus        21 l~v~~Gei~~iiGpnGaGKSTLl~~i~G~   49 (200)
T cd03217          21 LTIKKGEVHALMGPNGSGKSTLAKTIMGH   49 (200)
T ss_conf             68879989999968999999999997077