HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780824 and conserved domain: cd03262

>cd03262 ABC_HisP_GlnQ_permeases HisP and GlnQ are the ATP-binding components of the bacterial periplasmic histidine and glutamine permeases, repectively. Histidine permease is a multisubunit complex containing the HisQ and HisM integral membrane subunits and two copies of HisP. HisP has properties intermediate between those of integral and peripheral membrane proteins and is accessible from both sides of the membrane, presumably by its interaction with HisQ and HisM. The two HisP subunits form a homodimer within the complex. The domain structure of the amino acid uptake systems is typical for prokaryote extracellular solute binding protein-dependent uptake systems. All of the amino acid uptake systems also have at least one, and in a few cases, two extracellular solute binding proteins located in the periplasm of Gram-negative bacteria, or attached to the cell membrane of Gram-positive bacteria. The best-studied member of the PAAT (polar amino acid transport) family is the HisJQM
Probab=94.60  E-value=0.039  Score=33.60  Aligned_cols=31  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.410  Sum_probs=26.4

Q ss_conf             8458996999987878688999999997607
Q gi|254780824|r   28 SILRLGDCLTLSGDLGSGKSFLARSIIRFLM   58 (162)
Q Consensus        28 ~~l~~g~ii~L~GdLGaGKTtfvr~i~~~lg   58 (162)
T Consensus        21 l~i~~Ge~~~ivGpSGsGKSTLL~~i~gL~~   51 (213)
T cd03262          21 LTVKKGEVVVIIGPSGSGKSTLLRCINLLEE   51 (213)
T ss_conf             5988998999999998449999999981999