HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780916 and conserved domain: cd01379

>cd01379 MYSc_type_III Myosin motor domain, type III myosins. Myosin III has been shown to play a role in the vision process in insects and in hearing in mammals. Myosin III, an unconventional myosin, does not form dimers. This catalytic (head) domain has ATPase activity and belongs to the larger group of P-loop NTPases. Myosins are actin-dependent molecular motors that play important roles in muscle contraction, cell motility, and organelle transport. The head domain is a molecular motor, which utilizes ATP hydrolysis to generate directed movement toward the plus end along actin filaments. A cyclical interaction between myosin and actin provides the driving force. Rates of ATP hydrolysis and consequently the speed of movement along actin filaments vary widely, from about 0.04 micrometer per second for myosin I to 4.5 micrometer per second for myosin II in skeletal muscle. Myosin II moves in discrete steps about 5-10 nm long and generates 1-5 piconewtons of force. Upon ATP binding, the
Probab=91.01  E-value=0.12  Score=31.16  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=29%  Similarity=0.418  Sum_probs=19.8

Q ss_conf             432048873277743679999998
Q gi|254780916|r  161 DCAIPIMIQGEFGVGKKRLSRFIH  184 (482)
Q Consensus       161 ~~~~~vli~Ge~GtGK~~~A~~iH  184 (482)
T Consensus        84 ~~nQsIiiSGESGaGKTestK~il  107 (653)
T cd01379          84 NQDQCIVISGESGSGKTESAHLLV  107 (653)
T ss_conf             898289995789898768899999