RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254781060 and conserved domain: TIGR01189

>gnl|CDD|162243 TIGR01189, ccmA, heme ABC exporter, ATP-binding protein CcmA. This model describes the cyt c biogenesis protein encoded by ccmA in bacteria. An exception is, an arabidopsis protein. Quite likely this is encoded by an organelle. Bacterial c-type cytocromes are located on the periplasmic side of the cytoplasmic membrane. Several gene products encoded in a locus designated as 'ccm' are implicated in the transport and assembly of the functional cytochrome C. This cluster includes genes: ccmA;B;C;D;E;F;G and H. The posttranslational pathway includes the transport of heme moiety, the secretion of the apoprotein and the covalent attachment of the heme with the apoprotein. The proteins ccmA and B represent an ABC transporter; ccmC and D participate in heme transfer to ccmE, which function as a periplasmic heme chaperone. The presence of ccmF, G and H is suggested to be obligatory for the final functional assembly of cytochrome c. Length = 198
 Score = 40.0 bits (94), Expect = 6e-04
 Identities = 13/36 (36%), Positives = 21/36 (58%)

            +  GL+  +   E + + GPNG GK+TL  +L+G