RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254781193 and conserved domain: cd06127

>gnl|CDD|176648 cd06127, DEDDh, DEDDh 3'-5' exonuclease domain family. DEDDh exonucleases, part of the DnaQ-like (or DEDD) exonuclease superfamily, catalyze the excision of nucleoside monophosphates at the DNA or RNA termini in the 3'-5' direction. These proteins contain four invariant acidic residues in three conserved sequence motifs termed ExoI, ExoII and ExoIII. DEDDh exonucleases are classified as such because of the presence of specific Hx(4)D conserved pattern at the ExoIII motif. The four conserved acidic residues are clustered around the active site and serve as ligands for the two metal ions required for catalysis. Most DEDDh exonucleases are the proofreading subunits (epsilon) or domains of bacterial DNA polymerase III, the main replicating enzyme in bacteria, which functions as the chromosomal replicase. Other members include other DNA and RNA exonucleases such as RNase T, Oligoribonuclease, and RNA exonuclease (REX), among others. Length = 159
 Score = 42.7 bits (101), Expect = 3e-04
 Identities = 19/55 (34%), Positives = 24/55 (43%), Gaps = 4/55 (7%)

           P   +VL E LE      +VAHN+ F+   L             + WI TL LAR