HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_472 and conserved domain: TIGR03375

>TIGR03375 type_I_sec_LssB type I secretion system ATPase, LssB family. Type I protein secretion is a system in some Gram-negative bacteria to export proteins (often proteases) across both inner and outer membranes to the extracellular medium. This is one of three proteins of the type I secretion apparatus. Targeted proteins are not cleaved at the N-terminus, but rather carry signals located toward the extreme C-terminus to direct type I secretion. This model is related to models TIGR01842 and TIGR01846, and to bacteriocin ABC transporters that cleave their substrates during export.
Probab=96.40  E-value=0.015  Score=39.04  Aligned_cols=12  Identities=8%  Similarity=0.019  Sum_probs=4.3

Q ss_pred             CCCCCCHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             787988889999
Q 537021.9.peg.4   28 GTRGIGKTTTAR   39 (369)
Q Consensus        28 G~~G~GK~~~a~   39 (369)
T Consensus        28 ~~~G~sl~~l~~   39 (694)
T TIGR03375        28 EDGRLTPELLPR   39 (694)
T ss_pred             CCCCCCHHHHHH
T ss_conf             999999999999