HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_472 and conserved domain: TIGR03608

>TIGR03608 L_ocin_972_ABC putative bacteriocin export ABC transporter, lactococcin 972 group. A gene pair with a fairly wide distribution consists of a polypeptide related to the lactococcin 972 (see TIGR01653) and multiple-membrane-spanning putative immunity protein (see TIGR01654). This model represents a small clade within the ABC transporters that regularly are found adjacent to these bacteriocin system gene pairs and are likely serve as export proteins.
Probab=94.50  E-value=0.088  Score=33.28  Aligned_cols=20  Identities=35%  Similarity=0.498  Sum_probs=16.9

Q ss_pred             EEHHCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             62010787988889999999
Q 537021.9.peg.4   23 SYMLSGTRGIGKTTTARIIA   42 (369)
Q Consensus        23 a~lf~G~~G~GK~~~a~~~A   42 (369)
T Consensus        26 ~~~i~GpSGsGKSTLL~~i~   45 (206)
T TIGR03608        26 MVAIVGESGSGKSTLLNIIG   45 (206)
T ss_pred             EEEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHHH
T ss_conf             99998799970999999997