HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_472 and conserved domain: cd03231

>cd03231 ABC_CcmA_heme_exporter CcmA, the ATP-binding component of the bacterial CcmAB transporter. The CCM family is involved in bacterial cytochrome c biogenesis. Cytochrome c maturation in E. coli requires the ccm operon, which encodes eight membrane proteins (CcmABCDEFGH). CcmE is a periplasmic heme chaperone that binds heme covalently and transfers it onto apocytochrome c in the presence of CcmF, CcmG, and CcmH. The CcmAB proteins represent an ABC transporter and the CcmCD proteins participate in heme transfer to CcmE.
Probab=94.98  E-value=0.081  Score=33.53  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=38%  Similarity=0.563  Sum_probs=19.2

Q ss_conf             706201078798888999999999
Q 537021.9.peg.4   21 AQSYMLSGTRGIGKTTTARIIARS   44 (369)
Q Consensus        21 ~ha~lf~G~~G~GK~~~a~~~A~~   44 (369)
T Consensus        26 Ge~~~l~G~NGsGKSTLlk~i~Gl   49 (201)
T cd03231          26 GEALQVTGPNGSGKTTLLRILAGL   49 (201)
T ss_conf             959999999999999999999667