HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_472 and conserved domain: pfam01057

>pfam01057 Parvo_NS1 Parvovirus non-structural protein NS1. This family also contains the NS2 protein. Parvoviruses encode two non-structural proteins, NS1 and NS2. The mRNA for NS2 contains the coding sequence for the first 87 amino acids of NS1, then by an alternative splicing mechanism mRNA from a different reading frame, encoding the last 78 amino acids, makes up the full length of the NS2 mRNA. NS1, is the major non-structural protein. It is essential for DNA replication. It is an 83-kDa nuclear phosphoprotein. It has DNA helicase and ATPase activity.
Probab=95.32  E-value=0.087  Score=33.29  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=29%  Similarity=0.426  Sum_probs=21.7

Q ss_conf             062010787988889999999996
Q 537021.9.peg.4   22 QSYMLSGTRGIGKTTTARIIARSL   45 (369)
Q Consensus        22 ha~lf~G~~G~GK~~~a~~~A~~l   45 (369)
T Consensus       114 N~i~~~Gp~~TGks~la~ai~~~~  137 (271)
T pfam01057       114 NTVWFYGPASTGKTNLAQAIAHAV  137 (271)
T ss_conf             569998898767899999999868