HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_887 and conserved domain: cd03215

>cd03215 ABC_Carb_Monos_II This family represents domain II of the carbohydrate uptake proteins that transport only monosaccharides (Monos). The Carb_Monos family is involved in the uptake of monosaccharides, such as pentoses (such as xylose, arabinose, and ribose) and hexoses (such as xylose, arabinose, and ribose), that cannot be broken down to simple sugars by hydrolysis. In members of Carb_Monos family the single hydrophobic gene product forms a homodimer, while the ABC protein represents a fusion of two nucleotide-binding domains. However, it is assumed that two copies of the ABC domains are present in the assembled transporter.
Probab=91.60  E-value=0.23  Score=29.40  Aligned_cols=27  Identities=19%  Similarity=0.095  Sum_probs=23.3

Q ss_conf             898499998798733449999999881
Q 537021.9.peg.8    8 THTKAIFISGPTASGKSLCAVNLAHKF   34 (133)
Q Consensus         8 ~~~~ii~I~GpTasGKT~lai~LA~~~   34 (133)
T Consensus        24 ~~GEi~~liG~nGaGKSTll~~l~G~~   50 (182)
T cd03215          24 RAGEIVGIAGLVGNGQTELAEALFGLR   50 (182)
T ss_conf             599699998889999263778766986