HHsearch alignment for GI: peg_887 and conserved domain: cd03369

>cd03369 ABCC_NFT1 Domain 2 of NFT1 (New full-length MRP-type transporter 1). NFT1 belongs to the MRP (mulrtidrug resisitance-associated protein) family of ABC transporters. Some of the MRP members have five additional transmembrane segments in their N-terminas, but the function of these additional membrane-spanning domains is not clear. The MRP was found in the multidrug-resisting lung cancer cell in which p-glycoprotein was not overexpressed. MRP exports glutathione by drug stimulation, as well as, certain substrates in conjugated forms with anions such as glutathione, glucuronate, and sulfate.
Probab=93.52  E-value=0.1  Score=31.53  Aligned_cols=28  Identities=29%  Similarity=0.268  Sum_probs=23.8

Q ss_conf             8984999987987334499999998819
Q 537021.9.peg.8    8 THTKAIFISGPTASGKSLCAVNLAHKFN   35 (133)
Q Consensus         8 ~~~~ii~I~GpTasGKT~lai~LA~~~~   35 (133)
T Consensus        32 ~~Ge~v~ivG~sGsGKSTLl~ll~g~~~   59 (207)
T cd03369          32 KAGEKIGIVGRTGAGKSTLILALFRFLE   59 (207)
T ss_conf             6999999999999879999999998728