Help on using the online database

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Link buttons


Fold level links to SCOP 1.73 are provided.


This is a family level link to Pfam 23.0. Where the corresponding family cannot be distinctly located a page with all Pfam families in the section are shown.


Clicking on this will load a PyMOL script file. Please configure your browser to open this using PyMOL.


Clicking on this will display a fasta format sequence file either for the domains in the column (for icon located in the table header) or the particular cell (By structure, By sequence, Extension or composite definitions for a single PDB chain).

Glossary of terms


Serial number.


Four letter PDB code and chain id (separated by _ ).

By structure

Structurally compact domains with terminal extensions of neighboring domains assigned based on structural compactness and evolutionary considerations.

By sequence

Structurally compact domains with sequence continuous terminal extensions.


Structural extensions. Includes terminal extensions and short inserts.

Composite domain

Structurally compact domains composed of multiple inserts.


Coordinate files have been processed manually. Files may contain segments from multiple chains and/or symmetrymates.

Pfam family

This is automatically generated from full PDB files (not just the chains in our database) and so may show Pfam families without a representative in our database.