The PROMALS multiple sequence alignment server

PROMALS constructs multiple protein sequence alignments using information from 
database searches and secondary structure prediction.     [Documentation]

News: try out our new program PROMALS3D, which automatically includes available
3D structural information.

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Options for running PSI-BLAST and processing of PSI-BLAST alignments:
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      -  PSI-BLAST e-value inclusion threshold:  
      -  Identity cutoff below which distant homologs are removed:  
      -  Maximum number of homologs kept for PSI-BLAST alignment:  

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PROMALS Documentation


Reference: PROMALS: towards accurate multiple sequence alignments of distantly related proteins. Jimin Pei and Nick V. Grishin. Bioinformatics 2007; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btm017

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