MBOAT alignment

MBOAT family. (A) Alignment of the most highly conserved region of all 16 MBOATs in the mouse genome. Amino acid residues conserved in more than 50% of the sequences are shaded. Asterisks (*) denote the putative catalytic asparagine and histidine residues (Hofmann, 2000). In the case of MBOATs with different isoforms (MBOAT1, MBOAT2, and PORC), for simplicity the numbering refers to isoform-a. Substrates for MBOATs are shown in parentheses. (B) Hydropathy plot of mouse GOAT. The residue-specific hydropathy index was calculated over a window of 18 residues with software from DNASTAR. The predicted 8 transmembrane helices are numbered. Bar denotes the region of GOAT that contains the two catalytic residues as denoted in (A).

Hofmann, K. (2000). A superfamily of membrane-bound O-acyltransferases with implications for Wnt signaling. Trends Biochem. Sci. 25, 111–112.