SCOPmap example

Correctly mapped domain with conformational variation: cathelicidin motif of protegrin-3. a) Ribbon diagram of cathelicidin motif of protegrin-3 from Sus scofa (PDB: 1lxe) in a swapped dimer conformation. One monomer in the complex is colored, and the second monomer is grey. Chain breaks are indicated by dashed lines. b) Ribbon diagram of cystatin from Gallus gallus (PDB: 1cew), a library representative of the cystatin/monellin superfamily. c) Pairwise alignments of this query (1lxe_A) and library (1cew_I) domain produced by RPS-BLAST and DaliLite. Residues aligned equivalently by these two comparison tools are in red bold. The equivalently aligned regions are shown in red in the structure figures.