disorder propensities and residue properties

Correlation of disorder propensities we optimized with various residue scales. R2 values are given for residue types marked by closed diamonds (excluding D, E, R, K, H, C, and P, which are marked by open diamonds). a) Nozaki-Tanford side chain transfer energies vs. disorder value; glycine, as the reference amino acid, is given a value of 0; R2 = 0.982. b) Kyte-Doolittle hydropathy vs. disorder value; R2 = 0.225. c) Russell-Linding coil propensities vs. disorder value; R2 = 0.427. d) Radzicka-Wolfenden octanol to water transfer energies vs. disorder value; R2 = 0.941. e) Radzicka-Wolfenden cyclohexane to water free energies of transfer vs. disorder value; R2 = 0.491. f) Kyte-Doolittle hydropathy vs. Radzicka-Wolfenden cyclohexane to water transfer energies; R2 = 0.818. For the entire Nozaki-Tanford subset of residues, R2 values are respectively a) 0.977, b) 0.089, c) 0.463, d) 0.881, e) 0.390, f) 0.730.