PD-(D/E)XK Endonuclease

PD-(D/E)XK Endonuclease Mapping. A structural connectivity network with arrows indicating Meta-BASIC connections between PfamA families (colored circles) and PDB90 families (structural models). Arrows stem from the input query and are colored black or gray according to the Meta-BASIC score (above or below the confidence threshold of 12, respectively). PfamA families colored pink represent newly predicted restriction endonuclease-like domains, while those colored blue represent previously known predictions. Two PfamA families with structures released to the PDB after Meta-BASIC analysis are colored orange. Structural elements of the PDB90 models are colored blue (core α-helices), yellow (core β-strands), white (insertions) and purple (domain swaps). Invariant aspartic acid, phosphate ligand and DNA substrate (where present) are shown in stick representation, while bound ions are shown in CPK.