Domain ID e2p6rA5

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  • A: a/b three-layered sandwiches
  • X: P-loop domains-like
  • H: P-loop domains-related
  • T: P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases
  • F: Helicase_C_5
UID: 000009737
Type: Manual and representative domain
Range: A:203-403
PDB: 2p6r
Hsap BLAST neighbor: O75417
Species: Archaeoglobus fulgidus

Structure of domain e2p6rA5

Structural contacts of domain e2p6rA5 of H-group "P-loop domains-related":

The domain and its neighboring domains (both within the asymmetric unit and to crystallographic symmetry mates) are represented by spheres and linked by lines. Distances between the center of the domain and interfaces are shown for each contact.

Domain IDSymmetry operatorH-groupVisualization
e2p6rA4 A:x,y,z->A:-Y,-X,-Z-1/6 P-loop domains-related Interaction Interface Pymol
e2p6rA4 A:-Y,-X,-Z-1/6->A:x,y,z P-loop domains-related Interaction Interface Pymol