Minimal Rossmann-like motif (RLM) containing homology groups

Overall distributions:
All H-groups HHsearch probability distribution
All H-groups TMalign score distribution
All H-groups Average score distribution (TMalign score + HHsearch probability)/2

# Cluster name Cluster ID Representative domains description HHsearch probability heatmap HHsearch probability distribution TMalign score heatmap TMalign score distribution Average score heatmap Average score distribution Number of repr domains
1 Rossmann-related 2003.1 2003.1_reps 2003.1_hhs_hm 2003.1_hhs_distr 2003.1_tm_hm 2003.1_tm_distr 2003.1_av_hm 2003.1_av_distr 258
2 P-loop domains-related 2004.1 2004.1_reps 2004.1_hhs_hm 2004.1_hhs_distr 2004.1_tm_hm 2004.1_tm_distr 2004.1_av_hm 2004.1_av_distr 202
3 Class I glutamine amidotransferase-like 2007.1 2007.1_reps 2007.1_hhs_hm 2007.1_hhs_distr 2007.1_tm_hm 2007.1_tm_distr 2007.1_av_hm 2007.1_av_distr 107
4 Periplasmic binding protein-like II 7523.1 7523.1_reps 7523.1_hhs_hm 7523.1_hhs_distr 7523.1_tm_hm 7523.1_tm_distr 7523.1_av_hm 7523.1_av_distr 76
5 UDP-Glycosyltransferase/glycogen phosphorylase 7512.1 7512.1_reps 7512.1_hhs_hm 7512.1_hhs_distr 7512.1_tm_hm 7512.1_tm_distr 7512.1_av_hm 7512.1_av_distr 52
6 HAD domain-related 2006.1 2006.1_reps 2006.1_hhs_hm 2006.1_hhs_distr 2006.1_tm_hm 2006.1_tm_distr 2006.1_av_hm 2006.1_av_distr 49
7 HUP domains 2005.1 2005.1_reps 2005.1_hhs_hm 2005.1_hhs_distr 2005.1_tm_hm 2005.1_tm_distr 2005.1_av_hm 2005.1_av_distr 34
8 alpha/beta-Hydrolases 7579.1 7579.1_reps 7579.1_hhs_hm 7579.1_hhs_distr 7579.1_tm_hm 7579.1_tm_distr 7579.1_av_hm 7579.1_av_distr 31
9 Nucleotide-diphospho-sugar transferases 7516.1 7516.1_reps 7516.1_hhs_hm 7516.1_hhs_distr 7516.1_tm_hm 7516.1_tm_distr 7516.1_av_hm 7516.1_av_distr 28
10 Flavoproteins/Phosphotyrosine protein phosphatases-like 2007.2 2007.2_reps 2007.2_hhs_hm 2007.2_hhs_distr 2007.2_tm_hm 2007.2_tm_distr 2007.2_av_hm 2007.2_av_distr 21
11 BRCT domain 7568.1 7568.1_reps 7568.1_hhs_hm 7568.1_hhs_distr 7568.1_tm_hm 7568.1_tm_distr 7568.1_av_hm 7568.1_av_distr 16
12 Ribosomal protein S2/SIS domain 2007.6 2007.6_reps 2007.6_hhs_hm 2007.6_hhs_distr 2007.6_tm_hm 2007.6_tm_distr 2007.6_av_hm 2007.6_av_distr 15
13 Thiolase-like 7581.1 7581.1_reps 7581.1_hhs_hm 7581.1_hhs_distr 7581.1_tm_hm 7581.1_tm_distr 7581.1_av_hm 7581.1_av_distr 14
14 alpha/beta knot 2488.1 2488.1_reps 2488.1_hhs_hm 2488.1_hhs_distr 2488.1_tm_hm 2488.1_tm_distr 2488.1_av_hm 2488.1_av_distr 12
15 TolB, N-terminal domain 7503.1 7503.1_reps 7503.1_hhs_hm 7503.1_hhs_distr 7503.1_tm_hm 7503.1_tm_distr 7503.1_av_hm 7503.1_av_distr 11
16 SGNH hydrolase 2007.5 2007.5_reps 2007.5_hhs_hm 2007.5_hhs_distr 2007.5_tm_hm 2007.5_tm_distr 2007.5_av_hm 2007.5_av_distr 11
17 Thiamin diphosphate-binding fold (THDP-binding) 7574.1 7574.1_reps 7574.1_hhs_hm 7574.1_hhs_distr 7574.1_tm_hm 7574.1_tm_distr 7574.1_av_hm 7574.1_av_distr 11
18 Macro domain-like 7529.1 7529.1_reps 7529.1_hhs_hm 7529.1_hhs_distr 7529.1_tm_hm 7529.1_tm_distr 7529.1_av_hm 7529.1_av_distr 11
19 Zn-dependent exopeptidases 2011.1 2011.1_reps 2011.1_hhs_hm 2011.1_hhs_distr 2011.1_tm_hm 2011.1_tm_distr 2011.1_av_hm 2011.1_av_distr 10
20 PLP-dependent transferases 7577.1 7577.1_reps 7577.1_hhs_hm 7577.1_hhs_distr 7577.1_tm_hm 7577.1_tm_distr 7577.1_av_hm 7577.1_av_distr 8
21 Caspase-like 7575.1 7575.1_reps 7575.1_hhs_hm 7575.1_hhs_distr 7575.1_tm_hm 7575.1_tm_distr 7575.1_av_hm 7575.1_av_distr 7
22 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase-like 2011.2 2011.2_reps 2011.2_hhs_hm 2011.2_hhs_distr 2011.2_tm_hm 2011.2_tm_distr 2011.2_av_hm 2011.2_av_distr 7
23 Formate dehydrogenase/DMSO reductase 2003.2 2003.2_reps 2003.2_hhs_hm 2003.2_hhs_distr 2003.2_tm_hm 2003.2_tm_distr 2003.2_av_hm 2003.2_av_distr 7
24 Middle domain in Argonaute homologs 7590.1 7590.1_reps 7590.1_hhs_hm 7590.1_hhs_distr 7590.1_tm_hm 7590.1_tm_distr 7590.1_av_hm 7590.1_av_distr 6
25 Alkaline phosphatase-like 7515.1 7515.1_reps 7515.1_hhs_hm 7515.1_hhs_distr 7515.1_tm_hm 7515.1_tm_distr 7515.1_av_hm 7515.1_av_distr 6
26 Phosphoglucomutase, first 3 domains 7528.1 7528.1_reps 7528.1_hhs_hm 7528.1_hhs_distr 7528.1_tm_hm 7528.1_tm_distr 7528.1_av_hm 7528.1_av_distr 6
27 CARF (CRISPR-associated Rossmann fold) domains 7592.1 7592.1_reps 7592.1_hhs_hm 7592.1_hhs_distr 7592.1_tm_hm 7592.1_tm_distr 7592.1_av_hm 7592.1_av_distr 5
28 Endolysin C-terminal domain 7597.1 7597.1_reps 7597.1_hhs_hm 7597.1_hhs_distr 7597.1_tm_hm 7597.1_tm_distr 7597.1_av_hm 7597.1_av_distr 5
29 TK C-terminal domain-like 7522.1 7522.1_reps 7522.1_hhs_hm 7522.1_hhs_distr 7522.1_tm_hm 7522.1_tm_distr 7522.1_av_hm 7522.1_av_distr 4
30 Rossmann-like domain in carbohydrate phosphatases 7587.1 7587.1_reps 7587.1_hhs_hm 7587.1_hhs_distr 7587.1_tm_hm 7587.1_tm_distr 7587.1_av_hm 7587.1_av_distr 4
31 Succinyl-CoA synthetase domains 2007.3 2007.3_reps 2007.3_hhs_hm 2007.3_hhs_distr 2007.3_tm_hm 2007.3_tm_distr 2007.3_av_hm 2007.3_av_distr 4
32 EreA/ChaN-like 4244.1 4244.1_reps 4244.1_hhs_hm 4244.1_hhs_distr 4244.1_tm_hm 4244.1_tm_distr 4244.1_av_hm 4244.1_av_distr 4
33 Domain III of tail sheath protein Gp18 2499.2 2499.2_reps 2499.2_hhs_hm 2499.2_hhs_distr 2499.2_tm_hm 2499.2_tm_distr 2499.2_av_hm 2499.2_av_distr 4
34 N-deoxyribosyltransferase 2007.15 2007.15_reps 2007.15_hhs_hm 2007.15_hhs_distr 2007.15_tm_hm 2007.15_tm_distr 2007.15_av_hm 2007.15_av_distr 4
35 ITPase-like 7504.1 7504.1_reps 7504.1_hhs_hm 7504.1_hhs_distr 7504.1_tm_hm 7504.1_tm_distr 7504.1_av_hm 7504.1_av_distr 4
36 NadA-like/4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase 7588.1 7588.1_reps 7588.1_hhs_hm 7588.1_hhs_distr 7588.1_tm_hm 7588.1_tm_distr 7588.1_av_hm 7588.1_av_distr 4
37 beta-carbonic anhydrase 4126.1 4126.1_reps 4126.1_hhs_hm 4126.1_hhs_distr 4126.1_tm_hm 4126.1_tm_distr 4126.1_av_hm 4126.1_av_distr 4
38 PRTase-like 7573.1 7573.1_reps 7573.1_hhs_hm 7573.1_hhs_distr 7573.1_tm_hm 7573.1_tm_distr 7573.1_av_hm 7573.1_av_distr 4
39 ALDH-like 7524.1 7524.1_reps 7524.1_hhs_hm 7524.1_hhs_distr 7524.1_tm_hm 7524.1_tm_distr 7524.1_av_hm 7524.1_av_distr 4
40 MCP/YpsA-related 7563.1 7563.1_reps 7563.1_hhs_hm 7563.1_hhs_distr 7563.1_tm_hm 7563.1_tm_distr 7563.1_av_hm 7563.1_av_distr 4
41 YchN-like 7545.1 7545.1_reps 7545.1_hhs_hm 7545.1_hhs_distr 7545.1_tm_hm 7545.1_tm_distr 7545.1_av_hm 7545.1_av_distr 3
42 Rossmann-like domain in Acetyl-CoA synthetase-like proteins 7584.1 7584.1_reps 7584.1_hhs_hm 7584.1_hhs_distr 7584.1_tm_hm 7584.1_tm_distr 7584.1_av_hm 7584.1_av_distr 3
43 Ribokinase-like 2003.6 2003.6_reps 2003.6_hhs_hm 2003.6_hhs_distr 2003.6_tm_hm 2003.6_tm_distr 2003.6_av_hm 2003.6_av_distr 3
44 STT3/PglB/AglB core domain 3110.1 3110.1_reps 3110.1_hhs_hm 3110.1_hhs_distr 3110.1_tm_hm 3110.1_tm_distr 3110.1_av_hm 3110.1_av_distr 3
45 Toll/Interleukin receptor TIR domain 2007.9 2007.9_reps 2007.9_hhs_hm 2007.9_hhs_distr 2007.9_tm_hm 2007.9_tm_distr 2007.9_av_hm 2007.9_av_distr 3
46 EDD domain 2010.1 2010.1_reps 2010.1_hhs_hm 2010.1_hhs_distr 2010.1_tm_hm 2010.1_tm_distr 2010.1_av_hm 2010.1_av_distr 3
47 Beta-D-glucan exohydrolase, C-terminal domain 2007.12 2007.12_reps 2007.12_hhs_hm 2007.12_hhs_distr 2007.12_tm_hm 2007.12_tm_distr 2007.12_av_hm 2007.12_av_distr 3
48 Rossmann-like domains in Sec1/munc18-like proteins 7585.1 7585.1_reps 7585.1_hhs_hm 7585.1_hhs_distr 7585.1_tm_hm 7585.1_tm_distr 7585.1_av_hm 7585.1_av_distr 3
49 Rossmann-like domain in Ribosomal protein L1 2007.25 2007.25_reps 2007.25_hhs_hm 2007.25_hhs_distr 2007.25_tm_hm 2007.25_tm_distr 2007.25_av_hm 2007.25_av_distr 3
50 YgbK-like 7589.1 7589.1_reps 7589.1_hhs_hm 7589.1_hhs_distr 7589.1_tm_hm 7589.1_tm_distr 7589.1_av_hm 7589.1_av_distr 3
51 Ferredoxin reductase-like, C-terminal NADP-linked domain 7514.1 7514.1_reps 7514.1_hhs_hm 7514.1_hhs_distr 7514.1_tm_hm 7514.1_tm_distr 7514.1_av_hm 7514.1_av_distr 3
52 Anticodon-binding domain of Class II aaRS 7502.1 7502.1_reps 7502.1_hhs_hm 7502.1_hhs_distr 7502.1_tm_hm 7502.1_tm_distr 7502.1_av_hm 7502.1_av_distr 3
53 Differentially expressed in normal cells and neoplasia (DENN) domain 2004.5 2004.5_reps 2004.5_hhs_hm 2004.5_hhs_distr 2004.5_tm_hm 2004.5_tm_distr 2004.5_av_hm 2004.5_av_distr 2
54 Ribose/Galactose isomerase RpiB/AlsB 7560.1 7560.1_reps 7560.1_hhs_hm 7560.1_hhs_distr 7560.1_tm_hm 7560.1_tm_distr 7560.1_av_hm 7560.1_av_distr 2
55 Nqo1 FMN-binding domain-like 4335.1 4335.1_reps 4335.1_hhs_hm 4335.1_hhs_distr 4335.1_tm_hm 4335.1_tm_distr 4335.1_av_hm 4335.1_av_distr 2
56 Hydrogenase expression/formation protein HypD 7594.1 7594.1_reps 7594.1_hhs_hm 7594.1_hhs_distr 7594.1_tm_hm 7594.1_tm_distr 7594.1_av_hm 7594.1_av_distr 2
57 Single-stranded-DNA-specific exonuclease RecJ C-terminal domain 7511.1 7511.1_reps 7511.1_hhs_hm 7511.1_hhs_distr 7511.1_tm_hm 7511.1_tm_distr 7511.1_av_hm 7511.1_av_distr 2
58 Undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase 7534.1 7534.1_reps 7534.1_hhs_hm 7534.1_hhs_distr 7534.1_tm_hm 7534.1_tm_distr 7534.1_av_hm 7534.1_av_distr 2
59 Aconitase iron-sulfur domain 7542.1 7542.1_reps 7542.1_hhs_hm 7542.1_hhs_distr 7542.1_tm_hm 7542.1_tm_distr 7542.1_av_hm 7542.1_av_distr 2
60 Tryptophan synthase beta subunit-like PLP-dependent enzymes 2003.4 2003.4_reps 2003.4_hhs_hm 2003.4_hhs_distr 2003.4_tm_hm 2003.4_tm_distr 2003.4_av_hm 2003.4_av_distr 2
61 Lactate racemase C-terminal domain 7602.1 7602.1_reps 7602.1_hhs_hm 7602.1_hhs_distr 7602.1_tm_hm 7602.1_tm_distr 7602.1_av_hm 7602.1_av_distr 2
62 PEP carboxykinase N-terminal domain 2004.11 2004.11_reps 2004.11_hhs_hm 2004.11_hhs_distr 2004.11_tm_hm 2004.11_tm_distr 2004.11_av_hm 2004.11_av_distr 2
63 Glycerol-3-phosphate (1)-acyltransferase 7558.1 7558.1_reps 7558.1_hhs_hm 7558.1_hhs_distr 7558.1_tm_hm 7558.1_tm_distr 7558.1_av_hm 7558.1_av_distr 2
64 Rossmann-like domains in magnesium chelatase catalytic subunit 2007.13 2007.13_reps 2007.13_hhs_hm 2007.13_hhs_distr 2007.13_tm_hm 2007.13_tm_distr 2007.13_av_hm 2007.13_av_distr 2
65 Hypothetical protein MTH538 2007.10 2007.10_reps 2007.10_hhs_hm 2007.10_hhs_distr 2007.10_tm_hm 2007.10_tm_distr 2007.10_av_hm 2007.10_av_distr 2
66 Uracil-DNA glycosylase-like 7569.1 7569.1_reps 7569.1_hhs_hm 7569.1_hhs_distr 7569.1_tm_hm 7569.1_tm_distr 7569.1_av_hm 7569.1_av_distr 2
67 SurE-like/CoA-transferase family III (CaiB/BaiF) 7527.1 7527.1_reps 7527.1_hhs_hm 7527.1_hhs_distr 7527.1_tm_hm 7527.1_tm_distr 7527.1_av_hm 7527.1_av_distr 2
68 Thiamin pyrophosphokinase, catalytic domain 7562.1 7562.1_reps 7562.1_hhs_hm 7562.1_hhs_distr 7562.1_tm_hm 7562.1_tm_distr 7562.1_av_hm 7562.1_av_distr 2
69 CinA-like 7520.1 7520.1_reps 7520.1_hhs_hm 7520.1_hhs_distr 7520.1_tm_hm 7520.1_tm_distr 7520.1_av_hm 7520.1_av_distr 2
70 Nucleoside hydrolase 7517.1 7517.1_reps 7517.1_hhs_hm 7517.1_hhs_distr 7517.1_tm_hm 7517.1_tm_distr 7517.1_av_hm 7517.1_av_distr 2
71 PhnH-like 7578.1 7578.1_reps 7578.1_hhs_hm 7578.1_hhs_distr 7578.1_tm_hm 7578.1_tm_distr 7578.1_av_hm 7578.1_av_distr 2
72 Alpha-2,3/8-sialyltransferase CstII-related 7555.1 7555.1_reps 7555.1_hhs_hm 7555.1_hhs_distr 7555.1_tm_hm 7555.1_tm_distr 7555.1_av_hm 7555.1_av_distr 2
73 Dihydrofolate reductases 7501.1 7501.1_reps 7501.1_hhs_hm 7501.1_hhs_distr 7501.1_tm_hm 7501.1_tm_distr 7501.1_av_hm 7501.1_av_distr 2
74 Hypothetical protein TT1679 7547.1 7547.1_reps 7547.1_hhs_hm 7547.1_hhs_distr 7547.1_tm_hm 7547.1_tm_distr 7547.1_av_hm 7547.1_av_distr 2
75 Methylglyoxal synthase-like 7543.1 7543.1_reps 7543.1_hhs_hm 7543.1_hhs_distr 7543.1_tm_hm 7543.1_tm_distr 7543.1_av_hm 7543.1_av_distr 2
76 Rossmann-like domain in prismane-like proteins 7586.1 7586.1_reps 7586.1_hhs_hm 7586.1_hhs_distr 7586.1_tm_hm 7586.1_tm_distr 7586.1_av_hm 7586.1_av_distr 2
77 LigB-like 2012.1 2012.1_reps 2012.1_hhs_hm 2012.1_hhs_distr 2012.1_tm_hm 2012.1_tm_distr 2012.1_av_hm 2012.1_av_distr 2
78 Phosphoglycerate mutase-like 7525.1 7525.1_reps 7525.1_hhs_hm 7525.1_hhs_distr 7525.1_tm_hm 7525.1_tm_distr 7525.1_av_hm 7525.1_av_distr 2
79 B12-dependent dehydratase associated subunit 7521.1 7521.1_reps 7521.1_hhs_hm 7521.1_hhs_distr 7521.1_tm_hm 7521.1_tm_distr 7521.1_av_hm 7521.1_av_distr 2
80 Homo-oligomeric flavin-containing Cys decarboxylases, HFCD 7564.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7564.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7564.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7564.1_av_distr 1
81 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis proteins 7541.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7541.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7541.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7541.1_av_distr 1
82 Rossmann-like domain in AF1104-like proteins 7583.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7583.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7583.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7583.1_av_distr 1
83 VP4 N-terminal domain 2004.7 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2004.7_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2004.7_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2004.7_av_distr 1
84 C-terminal domain in a putative metallopeptidase YP_676511.1 2004.6 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2004.6_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2004.6_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2004.6_av_distr 1
85 Lactate racemase N-terminal domain 7601.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7601.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7601.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7601.1_av_distr 1
86 ATP synthase (F1-ATPase), gamma subunit 7519.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7519.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7519.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7519.1_av_distr 1
87 OmpH-like 5094.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 5094.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 5094.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 5094.1_av_distr 1
88 Hypothetical protein MT938 (MTH938) 7538.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7538.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7538.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7538.1_av_distr 1
89 DNA polymerase III psi subunit 7557.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7557.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7557.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7557.1_av_distr 1
90 Gingipain R extra N-terminal alpha/beta domain 7576.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7576.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7576.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7576.1_av_distr 1
91 Amidase signature (AS) enzymes 7552.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7552.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7552.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7552.1_av_distr 1
92 UPF0246 protein YaaA 7599.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7599.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7599.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7599.1_av_distr 1
93 Formyltransferase 7571.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7571.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7571.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7571.1_av_distr 1
94 Pyrrolidone carboxyl peptidase 2011.4 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2011.4_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2011.4_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2011.4_av_distr 1
95 Initiation factor IF2/eIF5b, domain 3 7526.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7526.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7526.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7526.1_av_distr 1
96 Indigoidine synthase A-like (Pfam 04227) 7549.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7549.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7549.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7549.1_av_distr 1
97 Isochorismatase-like hydrolases 7561.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7561.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7561.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7561.1_av_distr 1
98 C-terminal domain in CAC2185-like proteins 4353.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 4353.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 4353.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 4353.1_av_distr 1
99 Precorrin-8X methylmutase CbiC/CobH 2007.7 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.7_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.7_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.7_av_distr 1
100 RibA-like 7580.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7580.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7580.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7580.1_av_distr 1
101 HSP90 C-terminal a/b domain 3703.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3703.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3703.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3703.1_av_distr 1
102 Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase C-terminal domain 7591.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7591.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7591.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7591.1_av_distr 1
103 Creatininase 7539.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7539.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7539.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7539.1_av_distr 1
104 B12 binding domain in carbon monoxide dehydrogenase corrinoid/iron-sulfur protein gamma subunit 7595.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7595.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7595.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7595.1_av_distr 1
105 Flavivirus non-structural protein 1 (NS1) a/b domain 3828.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3828.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3828.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3828.1_av_distr 1
106 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase, substrate-binding domain 7554.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7554.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7554.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7554.1_av_distr 1
107 Dipeptide transport protein 7535.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7535.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7535.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7535.1_av_distr 1
108 Nicotinate mononucleotide:5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole phosphoribosyltransferase (CobT) 7553.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7553.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7553.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7553.1_av_distr 1
109 Phosphofructokinase C-terminal domain 7572.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7572.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7572.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7572.1_av_distr 1
110 Subtilisin-like 2499.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2499.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2499.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2499.1_av_distr 1
111 Polysaccharide biosynthesis enzyme WcbI 2007.18 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.18_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.18_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.18_av_distr 1
112 Glycerate kinase I (Pfam 02595) domain I 2007.19 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.19_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.19_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.19_av_distr 1
113 STIV B116-like 4259.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 4259.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 4259.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 4259.1_av_distr 1
114 Flavodoxin-like domain in outer capsid glycoprotein VP7 2007.16 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.16_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.16_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.16_av_distr 1
115 N-terminal domain in a putative metallopeptidase YP_676511.1 2007.17 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.17_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.17_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.17_av_distr 1
116 STING C-terminal domain 3398.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3398.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3398.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3398.1_av_distr 1
117 Core protein P7 6034.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 6034.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 6034.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 6034.1_av_distr 1
118 Resolvase-like 7565.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7565.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7565.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7565.1_av_distr 1
119 Glutaminase/Asparaginase N-terminal domain 7546.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7546.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7546.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7546.1_av_distr 1
120 CdCA1 repeat-like 4126.2 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 4126.2_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 4126.2_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 4126.2_av_distr 1
121 Cellulose Synthase Subunit B a/b domain 3598.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3598.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3598.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3598.1_av_distr 1
122 a/b domain in AF0625-like proteins 4978.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 4978.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 4978.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 4978.1_av_distr 1
123 CbiG N-terminal domain-like 2007.23 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.23_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.23_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.23_av_distr 1
124 AtpF-like 2007.24 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.24_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.24_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.24_av_distr 1
125 Glycosyl hydrolases family 2 Rossmann-like domain 2007.21 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.21_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.21_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.21_av_distr 1
126 Methyl-viologen reducing hydrogenase subunit D 2007.22 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.22_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.22_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.22_av_distr 1
127 GckA/TtuD-like domain 1 7536.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7536.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7536.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7536.1_av_distr 1
128 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase subunit A 2007.20 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2007.20_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.20_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2007.20_av_distr 1
129 a/b domain in family 98 glycoside hydrolases 3823.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3823.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3823.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3823.1_av_distr 1
130 Ribosomal protein L4 7559.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7559.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7559.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7559.1_av_distr 1
131 Phosphoglycerate kinase domain 1 7532.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7532.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7532.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7532.1_av_distr 1
132 GT-D type glycosyltransferase 7596.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7596.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7596.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7596.1_av_distr 1
133 CofD-like 7513.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7513.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7513.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7513.1_av_distr 1
134 Tetrapyrrole methylase N-terminal domain 7550.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7550.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7550.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7550.1_av_distr 1
135 Carbamate kinase-like 7531.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7531.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7531.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7531.1_av_distr 1
136 a/b domain in flagellar biosynthesis protein flhA 3255.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 3255.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 3255.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 3255.1_av_distr 1
137 NIF3 (NGG1p interacting factor 3)-like 7509.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7509.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7509.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7509.1_av_distr 1
138 Kinesin-like protein KIF23 C-terminal domain 7505.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7505.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7505.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7505.1_av_distr 1
139 HflX family GTPase N-terminal domain 7566.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7566.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7566.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7566.1_av_distr 1
140 Bacterial fluorinating enzyme, N-terminal domain 7540.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7540.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7540.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7540.1_av_distr 1
141 Rossmann-like domain in CbiD 7582.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7582.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7582.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7582.1_av_distr 1
142 Pyoverdine biosynthesis protein PvcA 2005.3 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2005.3_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2005.3_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2005.3_av_distr 1
143 Chromo domain-containing protein 1 (Chp1) domain II 7600.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7600.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7600.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7600.1_av_distr 1
144 YdcF 2005.2 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 2005.2_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 2005.2_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 2005.2_av_distr 1
145 a/b domain in Acetophenone carboxylase (Apc) alpha subunit 7604.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7604.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7604.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7604.1_av_distr 1
146 PK C-terminal domain-like 7518.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7518.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7518.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7518.1_av_distr 1
147 PTS IIb component 7537.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7537.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7537.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7537.1_av_distr 1
148 Peroxisome assembly protein 22 7593.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7593.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7593.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7593.1_av_distr 1
149 Fe-only hydrogenase 7556.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7556.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7556.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7556.1_av_distr 1
150 Phosphoglycerate kinase domain 2 7533.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7533.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7533.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7533.1_av_distr 1
151 Resistance protein Tm-1 first domain 7598.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7598.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7598.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7598.1_av_distr 1
152 ComB-like 7551.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7551.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7551.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7551.1_av_distr 1
153 MurD-like peptide ligases, peptide-binding domain 7570.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7570.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7570.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7570.1_av_distr 1
154 Methylesterase CheB, C-terminal domain 7548.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7548.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7548.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7548.1_av_distr 1
155 LmbE-like 7567.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7567.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7567.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7567.1_av_distr 1
156 Nucleoside phosphorylase/phosphoribosyltransferase catalytic domain 7544.1 Singleton F-gr Singleton F-gr 7544.1_hhs_distr Singleton F-gr 7544.1_tm_distr Singleton F-gr 7544.1_av_distr 1